About Me

My name is John and this is a website dedicated solely to gravestones. I had the misfortunate of having to find a gravestone when my grandmother passed away and went online to get answers to some of my questions and found very little in the way of helpful information that I was looking for. That was the inspiration for setting up this website.

I have collected as much information as I could find and brought together in one place for anything with any questions relating to gravestones, how much they cost, where you can get them from, what types are available and so many more questions you most likely have.

For me personally, having set up this blog feels like I am keeping my grandmothers memory alive as she inadvertently was the inspiration for setting up this website. If you have any questions you want to ask or suggestions for additional things I could include in the guide please do contact me, I would love to hear from you. gravestoneshq@gmail.com.

My aim is for GravestonesHQ to be one of the best resources available online that can help educate and inform those in need of such services.

I hope the information on this website helps you.


John Jenkins